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Amiko Alien SHD Azbox keys. AzboxMe — Biss in Azbox Me.

Channels gone black on 19.2°E

Cardsaring in home. Doscam 0. Fontos kapcsolodo linkek! Guide to enigma2 dreambox ipk files installation.

How to recover Azbox. Kernel instaliation AzboxHD. LAN seting in enigma2. No maching reader in Oscam. OpenATV cofig filek helye. Oscam as card reader. Sat linkek. Satellite list on enigma. Scematics — satellite. UPC oscam config by gosat. Updating Azbox. Video stream.

Install plugin all oscam -gcam_2.1-ncam_10.3 enigma2 MECOOL KIII PRO/ KI PRO

Adding satellite on Enigma2. Amiko A4 Combo. Amiko ASH hiba. AMIKO fontosak! AzboxMe Wicardd. Configurare OScam. DiSEqC 1. EMU Instalare.

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Enigma 2 Softcams. FreeServer Enigma2. How to change my receiver IP address on enigma2. How to install and configure picons on OpenATV. Internal Reader.

oscam caid list

Loadbalancer oscam. MTVA Oscam config. OSCAM configok.Wird der Parameter auskommentiertwird diese Funktion nicht ausgerufen. Das ist wichtig z. Der Pfad ist relativ zum Workdirectory und muss existieren, sonst werden keine Logs erstellt und auch keine Fehler ausgegeben.

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Das wird auch "Offline Decoding" genannt. Siehe [2]. Wenn mindestens ein User diesen Sender schaut, werden alle notwendigen CWs gespeichert. Jetzt wird es ganz wild: Auch wenn ein Logfile eingeschaltet ist siehe logfile kann hier das userfile ausgeschaltet werden. Mindestzeit in Millisekunden, die ein Request brauchen muss. Achtung: Bitte Speicherverbrauch beachten! Bei mehreren Readern Siehe Abschnitt [reader] in oscam. Failbancount ist also eine Lockerung der Regeln. Es wird damit die Reaktion auf den uniq -Parameter festgelegt.

Bei Viaccess z.

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Hinweis: Wenn hier loadbalancing aktiviert wird, dann sind die in oscam. Siehe Services! Speichert die Loadbalance Statistik, damit sie auch nach einem Neustart erhalten bleibt. Siehe Betatunnel. Zeitraum in Minuten, in dem keine EMM erscheinen, so dass der Client von "active" auf "on" gesetzt wird. Siehe auch Parameter httphideidleclienst in Abschnitt [webif].

oscam caid list

Es wird zwar [blank] als Default-Wert angeboten. Davon wird aber dringend abgeraten; daher wird dieser Parameter hier als zwingend beschrieben. Die Parameter user und pwd werden beim Verbindungsaufbau zum Webinterface in einem Kontrollfenster abgefragt. Fehlen sie oder sind sie fehlerhaft, erfolgt die Meldung Forbidden und der Verbindungsaufbau wird abgebrochen! Hier wird der Pfad zu den Style-Dateien festgelegt. Buchstabe der definiert, welcher type in der type-column auf der Statusseite des Webinterfaces versteckt werden soll.

Daher wird dieser Parameter als zwingend dargestellt. Wenn aber weitere User oder andere Beteiligte ebenfalls Zugang zum Webinterface und damit Zugriff auf die Daten haben, kann das zu einem Problem werden.

Bei aktiviertem Parameter wird bei einem bad CW die Anfrage an den fixed Fallback weitergeleitet und somit ein freetzer meist verhindert. Hier wird der Port festgelegt, von dem aus Camd 33 Anfragen beantwortet werden. Dieser Port muss ggf.


Generell geht das Camd3. In diesem Fall. Abschnitt nur dann erforderlich, wenn csx als Client Protokoll verwendet wird. Hinweis: csx wurde auch als camd35 bezeichnet. Beide Bezeichnungen meinen das gleiche Protokoll mit den gleichen Funktionsweisen und Parametern. Hier wird der Port festgelegt, von dem aus csx Anfragen beantwortet werden. Hier wird der Port festgelegt, von dem aus Camd Anfragen beantwortet werden.Thursday, June 23, oscam script for linux.

The version of OSCam I am using, fairly successfully, with all the stops, bumps, reboots and so on, iswith dvbapi i!!! But I will attach it in this thread, if I can! All except oscam module itself, which you get from the net, as mentioned and then give CHMOD toas above.

So, here are the four main configuration files [do not deviate from them, for starters Oscam to OScam share. This script verify if oscam is running and if not they start oscam:! Oscam For Evolution Image. Attached Files CCcamCheck. The original scripts written by Youknowwho R. Pthis is his CCcam and Oscam script put together. A few modifications had to be done to the script incorporate Oscam and its dependencies, so other than the normal programs its installs compared to the original scriptit will install a few other ones that are need for oscam and various devices to fully function.

Oscam has been compiled, x86 not 64bitversionit has webIF and smartreader support, smargo's and serial readers are pretty much ready to go. PCSC devices Omnikey, etc haven't been tested so I don't know if it works, feel free to test and report if they do.

Before installation open the CCcamOscamInstall. A CCcam. I have tried to get this to work on Ubuntu 8. Tested and working very well in Ubuntu I take no credit for this, just someone trying to give back to the community, anything related to the script please put in forum and i shall get back to you. Please don't contact me about card setups, etc. OScam Cards List and Configurations, all cards that can read!!! Older Posts Home.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. CCcam Oscam. OScam Cards List and Configurations.I have the same problem. Does one have an idea why it is? The oscam. I believe this will result in "fast channel switching" for the affected people what will send even more requests to the server.

In addition I notice a slightly higher response time from server: response for the working DAZN-1 is about ms until yesterday usual response time was about ms for Sky Germany. New decoding might infect server performance: until yesterday only 48bit ot the CW needed to be decoded rest was calculated by emulatornot the whole 64bit need to be decoded from the card and that is what this parameter in OScam do: disable partial codeword-calculation as it was done before.

Unfortunately this option is not available for Mgcamd or original CCcam emulator. As I said, when the channels freeze, nothing works. Without success. That was 2 time, in the last 24 hours. I dont know why? Dreambox HD Mgcam 1. But DAZN2 naturally is more important.

Thank's very much to the Team. I could simulate the freeze problems today. With these files I currently have no freeze problems anymore. Do you have an idea where I have built a mistake here?

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And i have " No violations of server rules detected! Hi, I have the same problem.

Stream Relay config

I have tried the config but still not working. Can someone help me please? Regards, Jules. My log shows a "rejected" when I switch to this channel oscam in cccam mode.

So I guess there is a problem with the card on this channel. The channels that do not work due the migration to 64bit CWs are a different issue, in this case there is no error message in the log, but the channel stays black. Using OSCAM Trunk r should fix the sproadic freeze issue due to a resolved bug, but it seems that everybody in the chain must do so.

I tried this new version on my client and I still get sporadic freezes. I cannot say what causes all the other issues with constant freezing every few seconds or blocked IP, I do not have such issues and I think that other unrelated problems are behind that.

Sollte schon gehen Mal sehen obs jetzt gehtUser Name Remember Me? Note: Visitors from certain countries might see in-text advertising underlind words in posts or pop-under ads. It is only shown to unregistered visitors or members that haven't made any posts.

So you can easily get rid of it. Thread Tools. Hi there I am trying to connect mgcamd to decode biss for feeds. Thanks barney I think i have my formats right but the plugin just doesnt go to the server to recieve code only with CAID I wonder which server you try to connect to that is sharing biss keys. This might be the reason why you do not see the emu trying to connect anywhere,but looking in PMT The way biss works is with valid keys inserted in softcam.

What type of setup you use? Last edited by kebien; at Thanks for your reply. I think you just confirmed my frustration. What I was hoping to do was host the SofCam.

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Then be able to share it with all boxes on my LAN. I can use the SoftCam. Key file it does work on each box by uploading with USB. Anyway, looks like I'm stuck with the USB.

Originally Posted by fisht Last edited by campag; at Originally Posted by campag Oscam's biss handling was re-written more than a year, and some thought was put in to network sharing. I helped write it, so you can trust this advice: 1. Key lookup.

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I recommend you study the oscam-emu wiki. You'll want to set up the emu reader's Basic Config as per that wiki too. To repeat: use current oscam-emu on your enigma2 clients, and on your server always enter the key tagged with the highest priority namespace hash so as to optimally identify key with feed. The time now is Mark Forums Read. Remember Me? Find all posts by fisht Find all posts by barneyBased on the experience of certain users of our server with problems to set up oscam emulator, we've composed a small tutorial how to set up oscam emulator for newcamd protocol.

Please don't try to set up oscam for cccam protocol, as they conflict with each other. Be sure to use oscam settings only for newcamd protocol! If it is enabled, it causes sending too many requests to the server, etc. Use newcamd protocol for Oscam emulator www. Download Oscam via feed of your receiver's firmware. Initially, there are 5 files in the folder: oscam. Be sure to delete the following files: oscam. From www. Copy and paste as many [readers], as there are in the billing settings available depends on how many subscriptions you have.

After all this is done, restart your receiver and enjoy watching TV. Basically this files do not affect decoding, but on large files slow receivers they might lead to freezers and rule violation delayed decoding. So basically to setup Oscam the 1st time: remove this files and perhaps add them later. Newer versions of Oscam are capable to read Provider and Service-ID from transponder-stream and also optional store detections.

This option is not working very well on many receivers, so you should check oscam. With oscam binary and oscam. Otherwise see oscam. If you have installed Oscam via a configuration tool what should also install at least an oscam.

Without this files Oscam uses default settings what should work on any channel. The oscam.

oscam caid list

By Oscam defaults dvbapi-mode is not enabled. As mentioned: oscam. Additional parameters are only optional and not required in oscam. Setting up Oscam the first time simply use the parameters that are marked as "parameter is required" on Oscam-wiki website.Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Custom Builds. What's new New posts Latest activity.

New posts. My bookmarks. Search forums. Advanced search. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ten Below Start date Apr 21, Ten Below The Boss Staff member.

I've tried differentways to put cline in oscam on solo 4k bh image I've come from spiderbox where it was simple to do I've looked and read threads bot totally missing something I really could do with a step by step guide iam stuck.

Website www. Joined Sep 28, Messages 5 Points 3. Ok I am in the Oscam web Interface This is my log, can you see from this what the problem is.

Joined Sep 9, Messages 32 Points 8 Location uk. With regard to the cline to oscam fomat converteri found that worked fine last year, with one clineif using 4 clines is it a case of doing 4 conversions then pasting them one on top of the next in osc,serv?

Ten Below said:. The converter will handle multiple lines you just need to load your CCcam. Joined Jun 29, Messages 83 Points Joined Jul 9, Messages 2 Points 1. Nikita5 Member. Joined Sep 4, Messages 27 Points 3 Location tetovo. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….

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